Living Here: Safer Neighbourhood scheme


New: The online version of Neighbourhood Watch

Alongside Neighbourhood Watch, residents can join an interactive Online Watch Link system (OWL).


OWL allows Neighbourhood Watch members to join an online community and receive timely alerts and crime prevention advice from their local police force.

To find out more on what’s happening in our area and keep yourself updated, you can register yourself at

OWL was featured in Crimewatch, outlining what it has done for Gwent.
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Living Here: Safer Neighbourhoods scheme

Safer Neighbourhoods is a truly local policing style: local people working with local police and partners to identify and tackle issues of concern in their neighbourhood.

How does Safer Neighbourhoods work?

Safer Neighbourhoods teams are dedicated to the needs of each specific neighbourhood, with the policing priorities for that area decided in partnership with local stakeholders – the public, crime and disorder reduction partnerships (CDRPs), local authorities and other local organisations.

Officers are trained to communicate with a wide range of people, communities and partners, to tackle and solve community problems. Experience suggests these are most likely to be quality-of-life issues, such as anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, abandoned cars and graffiti.

Where are Safer Neighbourhoods teams based?

Sometimes teams are based at local police stations. Others work from kiosks, partnership offices, schools and hospitals – even places of worship.

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Neighbourhood Watch

NeighbourhoodWatch_onNeighbourhood Watch is an important and effective tool in the fight against local crime. Chatsworth Court benefits from an active Neighbourhood Watch operated in association with the local Kensington and Chelsea Police Authority.

Any suggestions, input or comments you may have towards this issue can be emailed to us by clicking here or posted directly to us via the Residents Association suggestions box, located in the Main Foyer of the building.

To keep you fully up to date with the latest news about the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme a monthly newsletter is posted on each of the main notice boards throughout the building.

Your support for this invaluable resource helps keep us all safe and is essential in helping fight local crime in Kensington. Your feedback and comments are always welcome.