Living Here: Useful Information


Living Here: Useful Information

This Building houses 193 flats and therefore Rules and Regulations have been established to ensure harmonious living for all. The Rules and Regs are currently being revised by Chatsworth Court Freehold Ltd. If you want to be involved make sure you attend the next meeting. If you want to know more about the current Rules and Regs in detail, feel free to request a copy from the House Manager.


There are no allocated spaces. Subject to the terms on Parking permit application form, Parking is permitted for up to three consecutive days (72 hrs) on the forecourt followed by one clear day, 24hrs off the forecourt. There is an annual fee for Residential parking (£52) with application conditions.

Only one permit per Flat is allowed and no permit shall be transferable to another car.

Parking for Guests, Deliveries and Contractors

All guests/delivery drivers should always speak to the Porter on Duty on arrival, in order to find the most suitable temporary parking space available at the time and register their presence.

Guest/Deliveries/Contractors parking is allowed for no more than 15mins in the forecourt. The vehicles of residents/guests and delivery drivers on the forecourt for the purpose of short-term loading or unloading must display hazard warning lights at all times.

Drivers are usually asked to park either side of the main reception area, a lot depends on the size of the vehicle concerned and how busy the car park is at that time.

Useful for Contractors or Guests: Above 15mins there is allocated parking at the side of the building which is subject to a 10£/day charge to be paid and arranged via the porter (a receipt is issued).

Useful information for Guests, and Residents on 24hrs-off-day: Off-street parking is possible on the Single Red Line in the evening and weekends, namely, Mon-Fri from 7pm to 8am and all Saturday and Sunday.

Please ask your Estate Agents to park in the service road (for the temporary 15mins). For a plan showing the Service Road (Marked ‘B’ in the image) please visit the Moving In page.

Refuse Collection

Please note that refuse areas are outside the apartments in a cupboard, next to lift of either wings, on every floor. Rubbish is collected everyday. The collection is for the removal of household refuse only (NO LARGE ITEMS OR FURNITURE). For these items, call ‘Too Big to Bin’ service.

How recycling works

Recycling: Special see-through recycling bags are available (together with an instruction leaflet) for this purpose through the Porters (do not use black bags or place loosely in the cupboard). Your recycling, in the purpose see-through bag, is to be placed in the same cupboard but not inside the bin. If you have large cardboard boxes to recycle, please flatten them and put them into the Recycle bin located in the Service Road. For a map showing the Service Road (Marked ‘Refuse collection’ in the image) please visit the Moving In page.

For more information on Recycling, including where to dispose of Electrical items, please visit

How to dispose of large furniture

Call 020 7361 3001 for items Too Big to Bin (£25 for up to ten items) visit site here.

Bicycles and Prams

If you own a bicycle, ensure it is not left in any common area. Residents owning prams and pushchairs are to store them in their apartments only.

Bicycle and pushchairs left elsewhere on the estate will be removed without notice and placed unlocked by the bins on the service road.

If you own a bicycle, please ensure that it is not ridden on the estate.

How radiators operate

The Building has central-heating. Radiators are turned on in September or in a period of sustained cold weather as determined by a surveyor, and they are turned off end of May, for the summer months, with exception to the bathroom heated towel rail (which stays on all the time, unless you shut it off yourself with a stop valve). Make sure you ‘bleed’ your radiators when they are turned on in September. Click here to view a Youtube Video on How to Bleed a Radiator.


A licence is required for a pet in the building: subject to animal type, size, breed and behaviour, lessees (a lessee is the owner of a flat) can apply for a licence. A licence is not generally withheld, however it can be withdrawn should the animal be deemed a nuisance.

Unfortunately, tenants (persons renting) are not able to apply for a licence to keep a pet.